Sustain Your Banking Services with Deposit Tokens

With deposit tokens becoming widely used form of money, making up 90% of money in circulation, our solution offers attractive perks to your clients and positions you as the pioneers in next-gen banking.

Enhanced Liquidity

Create new avenues for capital utilization by unlocking trapped liquidity.

Increased Efficiency

Streamline processes with instant settlement and reduced intermediaries.


Reach underserved populations and provide inclusive financial solutions.

A One-Stop Solution for Customer Deposit Tokenization

Deposit tokenization enhances traditional banking products with digital flexibility and innovation

Deposit Token Issuance

Provide digital asset options seamlessly to your clients

Scalable L1 Solution

Meticulously crafted ensuring scalability & efficiency.

No-Code/Low-Code Tools

Create programmable tokens and build customized smart contracts with ease

CBDC X Deposit Tokens

Integrated Framework of CBDCs and Deposit Tokens

How it works?

Discovering simplicity in action. Follow these easy steps to explore our innovative process and unlock a world of possibilities.


Tokenize Deposits

Convert your customer deposits into tokenized deposits.


Seamless Integration

Time & cost efficient integration in accordance with bank’s terms & policies.


Streamline operations

Utilize the programmability of deposit tokens in the workflow..


Your bank can offer the following benefits of deposit tokens for the depositors

Liquidity for FDs

Programmable Escrow Payments

Digital Cheques

Purpose-bound conditional loans

Collateral for Margins and Loans

Guarantees for secured P2P loans

Transparency & Security

Boosted Microeconomic Activities

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of FAQ's about us and how we work. Got more questions? Feel free to reach us out


Shared ledger technology, refers to infrastructure & protocols for decentralized record-keeping.

L1 is the base layer of a blockchain network; L1 solutions directly modify the L1 protocol itself to improve scalability.

Instead of holding money in a bank account, the deposit is converted into a digital token representing the claim on that balance, this process is called Deposit Tokenization.

Yes, Timechain can scale a block size up to 1TB.

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