Revolutionize Your Hotel Property Management with Blockchain Power

In the ever-evolving hospitality industry, efficiency, security, and guest satisfaction are paramount. Our state-of-the-art Hotel Property Management System (PMS) on Blockchain redefines how you manage your property. No more guesswork, no more inefficiencies. Embrace the future of hospitality management today.

Maximized Earnings

Leverage a 30% revenue boost with streamlined bookings and expanded payment options

Guest Delight

Elevate satisfaction rates and secure more repeat stays with our superior user experience

Swift Operations

Accelerate efficiency by cutting workflow processing times by up to 70%

One Stop Solution to Simplified Hotel Management and Exceptional Guest Experience

Blockchain-based Hotel Property Management System (PMS) leverages smart contracts and decentralized ledgers to offer transparent, tamper-proof, and automated management solutions. Reduce fraud, enhance guest efficiency, and ensure compliance with our innovative platform.

All-in-One Management

Timechain Labs' PMS integrates booking, billing, and operations for seamless hotel management

Instant Inventory Updates

Real-time synchronization to keep overbooking low and occupancy high

Effortless Billing

Accept global payments in multiple currencies, including cryptocurrencies

Task Automation

Smart contracts automate routines, from housekeeping to payments

How it works?

Discovering simplicity in action. Follow these easy steps to explore our innovative process and unlock a world of possibilities.


Set Up and Integration

Easily integrate the PMS with your existing systems for a unified management platform


Automate and Streamline

Use smart contracts for tasks and real-time inventory to keep bookings and operations smooth



Apply analytics to understand guest needs and customize their experiences, boosting efficiency and profits


Unlock unmatched security and efficiency in hotel management with our blockchain-based Property Management System (PMS). Discover the ease of integrated bookings, real-time room management, and personalized service with Timechain Labs.

Blockchain-Based Security

Real-Time Inventory Management

Integrated Booking System

Automated Billing and Payments

Smart Contracts for Operational Efficiency

Data Analytics and Reporting

Guest Experience Enhancement

Sustainability Tracking

Lower Operational Costs

Contact Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

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Timechain Labs Hotel PMS is an innovative property management software that uses blockchain technology to provide secure, efficient, and customizable management solutions for hotels. It integrates various hotel operations, from bookings to billing and analytics.

Blockchain technology offers unparalleled security and data integrity, ensuring that all transactions and operational data are encrypted and tamper-proof. It also facilitates secure, multi-currency and cryptocurrency payments.

Our real-time inventory management system dynamically updates your room availability across all connected booking channels, reducing overbooking and maximizing occupancy rates.

The data analytics feature provides insights into occupancy rates, revenue, and guest preferences, allowing you to make informed decisions to improve services and operational efficiency.