Maximise Resale Revenues and Increase Product Circularity with DPP

Digital Product Passport is transforming luxury retail with blockchain technology, offering unmatched transparency, traceability, and tradability for a Superior Customer Experience

Authenticity and Trust

Secure your brand’s integrity and prevent counterfeits with digital twins and unique identifiers

Enhanced Loyalty Programs

Expand your loyalty rewards globally, increasing customer engagement and loyalty

Efficient Operations

Utilize blockchain for a more efficient supply chain that lowers costs and reduces fraud

Counterfeiting and Authenticity Concerns Plague Luxury Brands. We're Here to Solve Them.

Counterfeiting poses a significant threat to luxury brands, eroding consumer trust and brand value. Traditional authentication methods are slow, inefficient, and prone to fraud. DPP provides a secure, verifiable, and tamper-proof digital identity for each luxury product. Empower your brand with traceable, globally recognized authentication that enhances customer trust.

Improved Supply Chain Traceability

Track and trace products throughout the supply chain, ensuring ethical sourcing and compliance.

Sustainable Sourcing

Access accurate, real-time product data while gaining valuable insights into customer engagement.

Resale Authentication

Securely transfer ownership with DPPs, guaranteeing authenticity and enhancing trust in the luxury resale market

Increased Customer Trust

Improve customer confidence by providing traceable product authenticity and history.

How it works?

Digital Product Passports offer detailed data on each product, encompassing its entire lifecycle and environmental footprint. These passports create an unchangeable audit trail that helps organizations comply with forthcoming regulations and delivers crucial insights into supply chain operations.


Creation and Integration

Set up and manage Digital Product Passports (DPPs) on our platform, tailored to seamlessly integrate with your existing ERP or LCA systems.


Data Capture

Collect essential data throughout the sourcing, manufacturing, and sales stages to populate each DPP with comprehensive upstream information.


Portfolio Management

Oversee your entire product portfolio through our platform—from a comprehensive overview to detailed, individual product insights.


For organizations that want to future-proof their operations and gain a first-mover advantage, it would be best to start considering a DPP solution now offering the below features

Comprehensive Data Integration

Advanced Portfolio Management

Seamless System Connectivity

Enhanced Supply Chain Traceability

Commitment to Sustainable Sourcing

Secure Resale Authentication

Digital Twins for Anti-Counterfeiting

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of FAQ's about us and how we work. Got more questions? Feel free to reach us out


Our blockchain technology creates a permanent, immutable record of every item, from creation through sales, ensuring authenticity and traceability.

Tokenization is the process of converting rights to an asset into a digital token on a blockchain. This process allows items to be easily traded or sold, enhancing their liquidity and tradability without compromising security.

Timechain Labs leverages its state-of-the-art blockchain development platform, meticulously crafted to ensure scalability and efficiency. This unbounded L1 blockchain with a permissioned overlay network is designed specifically for launching and managing digital assets, making it robust enough to handle high transaction volumes seamlessly.

Yes, by providing a transparent view of the product’s lifecycle and maintaining secure, tamper-proof records, blockchain significantly enhances consumer trust and brand loyalty.

Costs vary depending on the brand’s size and requirements. Contact us for a personalized quote.