Unlock Real Estate Investment Potential with Tokenization on Blockchain

Empower your real estate business with our seamless platform for tokenization via crowdfunding.

Fractional Ownership

Tokenization enables the division of real estate assets into smaller, more affordable units.

Increased Liquidity

By tokenizing real estate assets, owners can convert illiquid assets into digital tokens that can be traded easily

Enhanced Transparency

Blockchain technology offers a transparent and immutable ledger of transactions, reducing chances of fraud.

Traditional Real Estate Investment is Cumbersome. We're Here to Change That.

Real estate investment has traditionally been hindered by high barriers to entry, inefficiency, and illiquidity. The real estate tokenization platform simplifies the tokenization process, providing liquidity, transparency, and a broader investor base. Our cutting-edge solution empowers your business with traceable, globally recognized tokenized assets that revolutionize investment potential.

Ownership Redefined

People can now own fractions of real estate eliminating the need of high capital required.

Liquidity at its Peak

Real estate has always been a solid investment. Transform this with anytime-anywhere trading of tokens.

Secure Transactions

Since the tokens are stored and transacted on a blockchain network, be rest assured no fraudulent transactions happen.

Smart Contracts

The smart contract also automates the payment of rent and other expenses related to the property, and it also handles the process of buying and selling of the tokens.

How it works?

Traditional real estate investment is cumbersome. We're changing that. We offer a Platform as a Service that simplifies the tokenization process. Our cutting-edge platform helps you seamlessly tokenize real estate via crowdfunding, providing liquidity, transparency, and a broader investor base.


Evaluate & Tokenize

Our platform helps you assess your property’s tokenization potential and creates tokens representing ownership.


Crowdfund Your Project

Attract a global pool of investors through our integrated crowdfunding capabilities.


Manage Tokens & Compliance

Monitor token ownership and ensure compliance effortlessly with our built-in management tools.


Maximize Returns

Enjoy increased liquidity, transparency, and returns with an empowered investor base.


Why Choose Our Tokenization Platform?

Token Management System

Crowdfunding Integration

Increased Liquidity

Transparent Transactions

Reduced Costs

Effortless Compliance

Highly Scalable

Broader Investor Base

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Tokenization is the process of converting real estate ownership into digital tokens, making it easier to buy, sell, and trade shares of properties.

Our blockchain solution offers advanced features such as scalability, interoperability with existing systems, customizable smart contracts, and robust security measures on top of support and consultation services.

Tokenization costs vary depending on the size and type of property. Contact us for a personalized quote.

Sure, Timechain Labs has the experience of integrating its state-of-the-art blockchain solution into the customer’s existing infrastructure providing a smooth transition.