Revolutionize Academic Certification with E-Certificates on Blockchain

Empower your university with secure, verifiable, and globally recognized e-certificates on blockchain.

Tamper Proof

Secure your certificates using the power of blockchain

Be a Leader

Be among the first institutions to set a standard!

Save Costs

Save precious manpower and money spent on manual verification

Traditional Academic Certification is Outdated. Let's Change That.

Traditional paper certificates are vulnerable to forgery, hard to verify, and cumbersome to distribute globally. Micro-credentials based on zero-knowledge proofs offer substantial benefits over traditional certificates.


Forget another day of managing your folders with stacks of paper that can be damaged easily.

Ease Of Issuing

Certificates can be automatically generated and distributed reducing admin work and maintaining records

Ease of Verification

Reduce admin costs and man-house spent on attending manual authenticity requests with digital signatures


Blockchain ensures the certificates are tamper-proof and trustable

How it works?

Our blockchain-based e-certificates offer universities a seamless, secure, and globally accessible certification system. Empower your institution with tamper-proof, verifiable, and instantly shareable certificates.


Issue & Digitize

Easily issue and digitize certificates onto the blockchain through our intuitive platform.


Secure & Authenticate

Blockchain technology secures each certificate, ensuring tamper-proof authenticity.


Share & Verify Globally

Graduates can share certificates instantly, and employers can verify them globally with a single click.


E-certificates offer a plethora of features that make it a superior choice over age-old paper certificates. Here are a few of them

Zero-Knowledge Proof

Enhanced Track of Issued Certificates

Cost-Effective & Scalable

Reduced Administrative Burden

Secure & Tamper-Proof

Global Verification

Digital wallet to store and Manage Certificates

Built-In Compliance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of FAQ's about us and how we work. Got more questions? Feel free to reach us out


Timechain Labs is an IT Services and products company, that specializes, in layer-1 blockchain technology. A solution to create, distribute and verify any form of certificate on our platform will remain tamper-proof as well as traceable throughout.

A proof that indicates that a party possesses some knowledge about information while not disclosing the information, yet assuring the authenticity which is only possible in layer-1 blockchain. Our solutions follow the same protocol.

The certificate solutions offered by Timechain Labs are layer-1 scalable blockchain-based meaning, their creation, issuance, and even authenticity requests are secured on a blockchain network, reducing any chances of fraud.

Surely! The designing and branding of the certificates lies completely in the hand of the issuing organization.

Absolutely! Our platform follows all the rules and regulations set by the industry and government. This means the certificates issued through our platform are trustworthy and meet all the necessary standards.